Many customers want to buy acrylic solid surface sheets from kstone factory. Maybe, You have many questions and concerns. Now, let me answer these questions as follow:

  1. Can you send a price list?
    Our factory main produces 100% acrylic solid surface, Modified acrylic solid surface sheets. For standard size 3680x760x12mm.
    According to the request quantity, the price is as follows:
    Modified acrylic solid surface

Pure color and normal chips color is FOBshanghai 85$~95$
Special color is FOBshanghai 95$~105$
100% acrylic solid surface sheet.
Pure white is FOBshanghai 115$~125$
Pure color and normal chips color is FOBshanghai 135$~145$
Special color is FOBshanghai 155$~175$.
For CIF quotation, Please let me have your port first.

  1. Can you send samples?
    Yes, We can send it. Samples rules as follow:
    -Our sample box can be sent to you free.
    -Copy your requested colors, and send you matched samples free. You can choose colors from some popular brands.
    -For big samples, Please supply your collect account, and samples free.
  2. How many sheets in full 20 FCL’s container.
    3680x760x12mm load-360pcs
    3050x760x12mm load-380pcs
    2440x760x12mm load-600pcs
    2440x760x6mm load-900pcs
  3. Can you send catalog?
    Please visit our website to get all information
  4. Can you make samples for us.
    -We can help you find good empty sample box suppliers
    -Free sheets can supply you with cutting samples.
  5. What polish for the top and back of sheets
    Top of sheet is 1200#~2000#
    Back of sheet is 360#~600#
    7.Can we print our brand on protecting films.
    Yes, It is no problem. Please send your films design by AI file. And Use your own brand films to cover sheets.
    8.Do you have Solid surface glues.
    Yes, We supply 50ML,75ML,250ML matched color adhesive.
  6. Do you sell sheets to our country.
    Currently, We are exporting to Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Qatar,
    Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Morocco, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia and so on.

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