Currently, many customers do not know how to identify 100% acrylic solid surface, Composite solid surface, and Calcium powder solid surface. Because of different material show same colors. Therefore, it is difficult for many people to distinguish various materials. In addition, due to the fierce market competition. The customer uses bad material to replace good one. you will learn how to distinguish various materials from this article.

1. Surface appearance
100% Acrylic looks relatively transparent, the particles are clear in color, layered, and the surface color is smooth.
The composite acrylic seems to have general transparency, the color is not round enough, and the light transmission effect is average.
The calcium powder board looks dark and yellow in color, Without light transmittance, and the color is cloudy.

2. Thermoforming
The 100% acrylic is heated to 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes, It can be bent freely, and It has strong continuity
Composite acrylic only be bending at a small angle, and it is easy to break when bending, and the particles are easily exposed
The calcium powder board can’t do any bending when heated

3. Cutting
When cutting 100% acrylic, there is much snowflake-like debris
More dust is generated when cutting composite solid surface sheets.
It is difficult to cutting calcium powder sheets. And much hard. Just like the quartz stone and marble.

4. Combustion
When burning 100% acrylic, there will be a large irritating odor, because the acrylic sample contains more MMA, PMMA resin
Composite acrylic produces less odor and less irritation when burning
The calcium powder board cannot be fully burned, and it will drop powdery substances after burning for a period of time. This substance is left over from the calcium powder.

5. Chemical Experiment
Put the 3 kinds of materials in hydrochloric acid respectively,100% acrylic and composite acrylic will not produce gas, The calcium powder board will produce carbon dioxide gas.

6. Physical testing
Put these materials in water for 72 hours Or the surface to prevent soy sauce, coffee, vinegar, and other substances. There is no obvious change between 100% acrylic and composite acrylic, The calcium powder board will penetrate and change.
100% Acrylic supply 10-years quality guarantee, no fading, no deformation, no cracking, etc. The composite acrylic is guaranteed for 2 years, And problems such as yellowing and cracking will occur within 1 year. The calcium powder board is thought to be discolored, penetrated, cracked, etc. Only for 2 months.
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Thanks very much.

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